Company Name Wafull Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Toshiaki Izumi
Address Kudan South Side Square 9F
1-5-5 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
1 minute walk from Kudanshita Station Exit 6
License Number Tokyo Governor (1) No. 99235
Toll Free Number 0120-888-106
Telephone Number 03-6265-6448
Fax Number 03-6265-6449
Hours of operation 10:00 – 19:00
Membership All Japan Real Estate Association member (a public corporation)
Real Estate Guarantee Association member (a public corporation)
Metropolitan Area Real Estate Fair Trade Conference
participant (a public corporation)
East Japan Real Estate Distribution Organization member
(public interest)
Renovation Council (a lone company)
Business/Services offered Real estate agency, sales consignment, lease and rentals, Renovations
Affiliated Financial Institutions Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Mizuho Bank
Higashi-Nippon Bank
Central Bank for Commercial and Industrial Cooperative
Daiichi Kangyo Credit Union
Kiraboshi Bank
Orix Bank
Sugamo Credit Union
Industry (Corporate?) Credit Union
Mitsui Sumitomo Trust Loan & Finance
Foundation December 25, 2008
Group Company Wafull Relife Consulting Co., Ltd.
Wafull Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd.

Group Corporations

Wafull Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd. 0120-881-911

Jimbocho Front 4F
2-32 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo Governor (1) No. 102599

All Japan Real Estate Association member (a public corporation)
Real Estate Guarantee Association member (a public corporation)
Metropolitan Area Real Estate Fair Trade Conference
participant (a public corporation)
East Japan Real Estate Distribution Organization
member (public interest)

Wafull Relife Consulting Co., Ltd. 0120-888-106

Kudan South Side Square 9F
1-5-5 Kudan Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

What we do: Our Professional Services

Property Agent

In the real estate brokerage business, we perform a high-quality curation of property based on our unique method of judgment. We do not live in an age where properties are rampant. In order to make sure that no property goes unsold, it is vital to read market trends and changes in needs, as well as sell at appropriate prices.

At times it becomes necessary to do renovations, a new type of proposal. With the development of real estate web portal, information moves around rapidly. In order not to miss a sales opportunity, it is important to visualize and streamline the trading and sales process. Which is why at Wafull, we put a lot of energy into follow up, thoroughly scrutinizing every inquiry and case, and communicating with owners.

In the future, the use of auction sites and social media will bring sellers and buyers closer together, and the role of agents may become diminished. Therefore, we aim to build a community platform where sellers and buyers can establish a relationship and perform secure transactions.

Value Creation

For many customers, real estate property is the most familiar and valuable asset. With that in mind, we strive to evaluate the asset as fairly as possible. When we feel it is necessary to increase the value, we propose and achieve innovations. These innovations come in the form of never seen before renovation designs, and we are confident that these provide unprecedented benefits to the sellers and buyers.


With emerging technology breakthroughs in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things and etc., our lives and businesses are changing rapidly. The real estate industry is no exception. Sales and advertising methods, as well as consumer awareness are also about to experience great change. In anticipation of such times, Wafull has made changes in its organization and business methods, such as the elimination of the commission-based system, which was the norm in the industry.

Rather than monopolizing this method, Wafull provides consulting services to businesses related to real estate. Beginning with support through the integration of a web-based system, we are focused on the development of the real estate industry through sales support, personnel counseling, and more.

Business Design

Discover real estate properties and create new value. The human resources cultivated through this process have great potential, and we are pursuing development of new businesses by making the best use of them. We are also actively cooperating with other businesses, such as asset management and nursing/care support, stepping outside the bounds of real estate.

For example, we are sure to see an increase in the number of people who want to sell their property and move into assisted care facilities. It is a great benefit to customers if a seamless delivery of information concerning assisted care facilities and property sales is achieved. We have also launched a real estate investment fund and real estate security business, while establishing a new revenue model based on real estate.

Asset Management

We regard residential properties as an important asset class, and we support customers’ asset management through their stage in life. There are many real estate agencies which only buy and sell real estate, however we here at Wafull believe that buying and selling property is simply an opportunity to build a relationship with customers. We value encounters and relationships; as life partners, we will provide professional services such as asset management and more.

Our Mission and Vision


Wafull aims for the happiness of all who are involved. By cherishing transparent and fair transactions, we promise to provide our customers with a highly satisfactory service.


“An imaginative conception ability that can design a surface from a single point”
Wafull creates lines from points, and surfaces from lines.

– Reaching an area, a city, society, the environment, and Japan from one project
– Achieving an important fit for customers’ stage in life and ideal asset management from one transaction
– Imagining, creating and achieving new business opportunities from one business area

Message from President and CEO, Toshi Izumi

I want to make it our mission and value to have a transparent and fair relationship with our customers.

Wafull Co., Ltd. (formerly Shibuya Real Estate) was founded with three staff members in 2008 amidst the chaos created by the Lehman shock. Specializing in the sale of renovated condominiums, the company moved its main location to Kudanshita in 2015. Now in its 10th year, Wafull currently boasts a staff of over 50.

In order to achieve our vision, we need to evolve further by stepping out of the box created by the real estate industry and going beyond old-fashioned ideas. Additionally, as we are faced with the situation of the continually increasing concentration of central Tokyo due to the population decline, I want to focus on revitalizing regional areas as well as Tokyo and enliven Japan as a whole.

I often hear about how the sale of a property does not proceed as expected.
I believe there are various reasons for this; however, the seller usually has no opportunity to ask why. This is because of the high number of sales staff and real estate companies that are unable to properly analyze why the property is not selling.

Real estate companies and sales staff have the great responsibility of receiving sales requests for properties, which are an important asset of the seller. It may have been difficult to analyze certain things in the past, before there was the internet. But things are different now. Companies that are still bound by old practices and are unable to deliver services to satisfy customers will surely be sifted out in the future.
I also believe that as competing real estate companies begin to differentiate themselves from traditional ones, the real estate industry itself will change significantly.

Clear transactions through IT x real estate
The spread of IT is changing the way people work around the world. Through the use of IT, I believe that the perception of real estate transactions – which has never been great – will be changed and become more transparent, as the feelings of customers change as well. Actually, the change is very necessary, and Wafull is working towards a complete integration of IT into its real estate transactions.

If real estate transactions become more open, and sellers and buyers are able to build fair relationships, the real estate market will become more active than ever. The word “transparency”, which is an integral part of the Wafull logo, carries this desire.

By utilizing IT x real estate, the value of Wafull will increase and continue to be a company with customers’ full support. We believe that by doing this, we will be able to fulfill our responsibilities better. With great social contribution, we believe that we will reach the value we are aiming for.

My desire is for all who are involved to experience “Wa” to the fullest.
The company name Wafull comes from the idea of “Wa” + “full”. My desire is for all who are involved to experience “Wa” – the Japanese term for the sum of all peace and harmony – to the fullest. Not just the customers, but I want all staff and partners involved in transactions and deals to be all a part of this circle of “Wa”. I believe that this dream can be achieved by the entire staff working together as a team.

Business owners have many decisions to make and great responsibilities, but at the same time those things can be rewarding and fun. I would like to share this fun with my fellow employees and grow together. There are many employees who are more talented than myself. My personal mission is to focus on their good sides, and together with real estate, discover their potential and value.

Toshiaki Izumi
President and CEO
WAFULL Co., Ltd.